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German Bundesliga Football Predictions



This is the GERMAN BUNDESLIGA Predictions page where you can access the latest 1x2 Tips.

You can also access the results of the previous tips for the GERMAN BUNDESLIGA and the whole of this seasons 1x2 Tips performances.

At the top of the page is a handy key explaining all of the various columns in the tables.

FF: Footyforecast methodRF: Rateform method
WDL: Win Draw Loss methodSEQ: Simple Sequence method
SCO: Score Prediction methodBest: Combined prediction from all five main methods
SF: Superform methodRes: Actual Result
Hit Rate: How successfull our tips are expressed as a percentage% of Actual: Performance expressed as a percentage against all actual results


Latest Football Predictions
Home SideAway SideFFRFWDLSeqScoBestSFH2H
Friday 24th August 2018
B Munich Tsg Hoffenheim 6-3 
Saturday 25th August 2018
Düsseldorf Augsburg 1-0 
H Berlin Nurnberg 3-2 
Freiburg Frankfurt 3-3 
W Bremen Hannover 1-0 
Wolfsburg Schalke 04 0-1 
Bor M'gladbach B Leverkusen 4-2 
Sunday 26th August 2018
Mainz Stuttgart 1-2 
Bor Dortmund Rb Leipzig 3-1 
Friday 31st August 2018
Hannover Bor Dortmund 2-3 
Saturday 1st September 2018
Nurnberg Mainz 1-3 
B Leverkusen Wolfsburg 3-1 
Frankfurt W Bremen 2-1 
Augsburg Bor M'gladbach 2-3 1X 
Tsg Hoffenheim Freiburg 2-1 
Stuttgart B Munich 0-4 
Sunday 2nd September 2018
Rb Leipzig Düsseldorf 2-2 
Schalke 04 H Berlin 1-1 
Friday 14th September 2018
Bor Dortmund Frankfurt 6-0 


Previous Football Predictions
Home SideAway SideFFRFWDLSeqScoBestSFRes
Monday 21st May 2018
Holstein Kiel Wolfsburg 0-1 
Thursday 17th May 2018
B Munich Stuttgart 1-4 
Saturday 12th May 2018
Hamburg Bor M'gladbach 3-0 2-1 
H Berlin Rb Leipzig 1-0 1X 2-6 
Cologne B Munich 1-3 
Frankfurt Hamburg 3-0 
Rb Leipzig Wolfsburg 4-1 
Saturday 5th May 2018
Cologne B Munich 1-3 
Bor Dortmund Mainz 4-0 1-2 
Bor M'gladbach Freiburg 1-0 1X 3-1 
Frankfurt Hamburg 4-0 3-0 
Augsburg Schalke 04 0-4 X2 1-2 
Hannover H Berlin 0-3 3-1 
Rb Leipzig Wolfsburg 2-2 1X 4-1 
W Bremen B Leverkusen 3-1 0-0 
Stuttgart Tsg Hoffenheim 2-2 2-0 
Sunday 29th April 2018
Mainz Rb Leipzig 0-0 3-0 
B Munich Frankfurt 4-1 
Saturday 28th April 2018
Hannover B Munich 0-3 
Bor Dortmund B Leverkusen 4-0 
Mainz Freiburg 2-0 
Schalke 04 Bor Dortmund 2-0 
B Munich Bor M'gladbach 5-1 
Augsburg B Munich 1-4 
Sunday 22nd April 2018
Augsburg Mainz 2-2 X2 2-0 


This Seasons Predictions Performance So Far
MethodTypeForecastCorrectNot CorrectHit Rate% of Actual
Footyforecast 1X 
Footyforecast X2 
Rateform 1X 
Rateform X2 
Win Draw Loss 
Win Draw Loss 1X 
Win Draw Loss 
Win Draw Loss X2 
Win Draw Loss 
Simple Sequence 
Simple Sequence 1X 
Simple Sequence 
Simple Sequence X2 
Simple Sequence 
Score Prediction 
Score Prediction 1X 
Score Prediction 
Score Prediction X2 
Score Prediction 
Best 1X 
Best X2 
SF 1X 
SF X2