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Italian Serie A Football Predictions



This is the ITALY SERIE A Predictions page where you can access the latest 1x2 Tips.

You can also access the results of the previous tips for the ITALY SERIE A and the whole of this seasons 1x2 Tips performances.

At the top of the page is a handy key explaining all of the various columns in the tables.

FF: Footyforecast methodRF: Rateform method
WDL: Win Draw Loss methodSEQ: Simple Sequence method
SCO: Score Prediction methodBest: Combined prediction from all five main methods
SF: Superform methodRes: Actual Result
Hit Rate: How successfull our tips are expressed as a percentage% of Actual: Performance expressed as a percentage against all actual results


Latest Football Predictions
Home Side Away Side FF RF WDL Seq Sco Best SF H2H
Saturday 26th August 2017
As Roma Inter Milan 0-0 
Genoa Cfc Juventus 0-0 
Benevento Bologna 0-0 
Sunday 27th August 2017
Ac Milan Cagliari 0-0 1X 
Napoli Atalanta 0-0 
Spal Udinese 0-0 
Torino Sassuolo 0-0 
Fiorentina Sampdoria 0-0 
Crotone Verona 0-0 
Chievo Lazio 0-0 
Sunday 10th September 2017
Atalanta Sassuolo 0-0 
Benevento Torino 0-0 
Bologna Napoli X2 0-0 
Cagliari Crotone 0-0 
Inter Milan Spal 0-0 1X 
Juventus Chievo 0-0 1X 
Lazio Ac Milan X2 0-0 
Sampdoria As Roma 0-0 
Udinese Genoa Cfc X2 0-0 
Verona Fiorentina 0-0 
Sunday 17th September 2017
Chievo Atalanta 0-0 
Crotone Inter Milan 0-0 
Fiorentina Bologna 0-0 
Genoa Cfc Lazio 0-0 
Ac Milan Udinese 0-0 
Napoli Benevento 0-0 1X 
As Roma Verona 0-0 
Sassuolo Juventus 0-0 
Spal Cagliari 0-0 1X 
Torino Sampdoria 0-0 
Wednesday 20th September 2017
Atalanta Crotone 0-0 
Benevento As Roma 0-0 X2 
Bologna Inter Milan 0-0 
Cagliari Sassuolo 0-0 
Genoa Cfc Chievo 0-0 X2 
Juventus Fiorentina 0-0 
Lazio Napoli X2 0-0 
Ac Milan Spal 0-0 
Udinese Torino X2 0-0 
Verona Sampdoria 0-0 
Sunday 24th September 2017
Cagliari Chievo 0-0 X2 
Crotone Benevento 0-0 
Fiorentina Atalanta 0-0 
Inter Milan Genoa Cfc 0-0 1X 
Juventus Torino 0-0 
As Roma Udinese 0-0 
Sampdoria Ac Milan 0-0 
Sassuolo Bologna 0-0 
Spal Napoli 0-0 X2 
Verona Lazio 0-0 
Sunday 1st October 2017
Atalanta Juventus 0-0 


Previous Football Predictions
Home Side Away Side FF RF WDL Seq Sco Best SF Res
Sunday 20th August 2017
Atalanta As Roma 0-1 
Bologna Torino 1-1 
Crotone Ac Milan 0-3 
Inter Milan Fiorentina 3-0 
Lazio Spal 0-0 
Sampdoria Benevento 2-1 
Sassuolo Genoa Cfc 0-0 
Udinese Chievo 1-2 
Saturday 19th August 2017
Juventus Cagliari 3-0 
Verona Napoli 1-3 


This Seasons Predictions Performance So Far
Method Type Forecast Correct Not Correct Hit Rate % of Actual