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English Championship Fixtures



This is the ENGLISH CHAMPIONSHIP Fixtures page where you can view all of the fixtures for the current season.

Note that dates and times of kick off's are subject to change and Soccerowl cannot be responsible for the accuracy of the dates and times of kick off's so please check with the affected teams official sites prior to visiting any of these fixtures.

Friday 19th April 2019
Bristol City  V  Reading 12:00 
Millwall  V  Brentford 13:00 
Birmingham City  V  Derby County 15:00 
Bolton Wanderers  V  Aston Villa 15:00 
Leeds United  V  Wigan Athletic 15:00 
Middlesbrough  V  Stoke City 15:00 
Norwich City  V  Sheffield Wednesday 15:00 
Preston North End  V  Ipswich Town 15:00 
Queens Park Rangers  V  Blackburn Rovers 15:00 
Sheffield United  V  Nottingham Forest 15:00 
Swansea City  V  Rotherham United 15:00 
West Bromwich Albion  V  Hull City 15:00 
Monday 22nd April 2019
Aston Villa  V  Millwall 13:00 
Blackburn Rovers  V  Bolton Wanderers 15:00 
Brentford  V  Leeds United 15:00 
Derby County  V  Queens Park Rangers 15:00 
Hull City  V  Sheffield United 15:00 
Ipswich Town  V  Swansea City 15:00 
Nottingham Forest  V  Middlesbrough 15:00 
Reading  V  West Bromwich Albion 15:00 
Rotherham United  V  Birmingham City 15:00 
Sheffield Wednesday  V  Bristol City 15:00 
Stoke City  V  Norwich City 15:00 
Wigan Athletic  V  Preston North End 15:00 
Saturday 27th April 2019
Birmingham City  V  Wigan Athletic 15:00 
Bolton Wanderers  V  Brentford 15:00 
Bristol City  V  Derby County 15:00 
Leeds United  V  Aston Villa 15:00 
Middlesbrough  V  Reading 15:00 
Millwall  V  Stoke City 15:00 
Norwich City  V  Blackburn Rovers 15:00 
Preston North End  V  Sheffield Wednesday 15:00 
Queens Park Rangers  V  Nottingham Forest 15:00 
Sheffield United  V  Ipswich Town 15:00 
Swansea City  V  Hull City 15:00 
West Bromwich Albion  V  Rotherham United 15:00 
Sunday 5th May 2019
Aston Villa  V  Norwich City 12:30 
Blackburn Rovers  V  Swansea City 12:30 
Brentford  V  Preston North End 12:30 
Derby County  V  West Bromwich Albion 12:30 
Hull City  V  Bristol City 12:30 
Ipswich Town  V  Leeds United 12:30 
Nottingham Forest  V  Bolton Wanderers 12:30 
Reading  V  Birmingham City 12:30 
Rotherham United  V  Middlesbrough 12:30 
Sheffield Wednesday  V  Queens Park Rangers 12:30 
Stoke City  V  Sheffield United 12:30 
Wigan Athletic  V  Millwall 12:30